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Robert Fite: My research interests center on cognitive-behavioral models of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Specifically, I am interested in examining under what conditions certain risk factors (e.g., thought-action fusion) lead to heightened obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms versus symptoms more commonly present in other disorders (e.g., generalized anxiety disorder). I am also interested in studying the maintaining role and modification of different information processing biases (e.g., interpretation bias).


Sarah Sakov: In research, I am interested in people's experiences with unwanted thinking; specifically the effects of beliefs, interpretations, and attributions of intrusive thoughts in obsessive-compulsive symptomatology. I am also interested in exploring the role of social support and mechanisms of change in mental health technology interventions.

Project Coordinator


Meagan Henry: I am interested in older adulthood, as I feel that the life changes that occur during this stage of life offer unique challenges to individuals who wish to maintain a high quality of life. I am also interested in novel interventions for depression and anxiety that people can easily integrate into their daily lives, especially as they might relate to the health or identity changes that older adults face.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Anthony Asher

Katie Freeman

Nicole Narcross

Erin Shelton

Abigail Wenger

Former Lab Members


Katie Harris (Former Project Coordinator, Social Work Graduate Student at Arizona State University): I am primarily interested in exploring ways that advances in health technologies and interventions may aid specific populations, including veterans, athletes, and individuals who suffer with chronic pain. I am also interested in the ways that unwanted thinking and cognition may be a risk factor for serious psychopathological problems in those populations, especially risk for suicide.